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The primary purpose of designing the modules
is to provide the victims with shelther

Extendable System Container



The carrying system of the modules is designed by the assembly of

Light steel profiles by the help of bolts and bolt nuts.

Hekim Panel is utilized in inner and outer walls.

The isolation thickness in the panel is determined by calculating the

Temperature averages in the area to which the the module will be mounted.

All the structure components that belong to the module have been designed

With every heat and water isolation details taken into consideration.



The primary purpose of designing the modules

is to provide the victims with shelther, health units,

crisis management offices and military service areas with

utmost urgency. Among all these, it will also meet the accomodation necessities

in vacation sites.



In a formation where all the medical and electrical installation

is completed; and also the vitrified and kitchen cupboard assembly is accomplished

after the displacement of modules, assembled in the factory, by the help of cranes,

the chasses open up and the inner small modules are slided by rails on these chasses by

simple labor force and the installation is over within 15 minutes.



A module with 3x7x3m dimensions can be transported by 1 truck.

1 unit of module with 3x6x3m dimensions can be transported by 1 truck,

2 units of modules by 1 trucking rig.